Vocational training at WINTER -

04 December 2007

– an investment for the future

Saint-Gobain Diamantwerkzeuge in Norderstedt, the largest production centre for WINTER diamond and cBN cutting tools, is currently training fourteen young tool makers, of whom four are women.


The training subjects are

  • Control technology
  • Tool maintenance
  • Production of components and sub-assemblies.

Two of the trainees take their final exams at the beginning of next year after three and a half years’ training.

 This well established training program focusses on turning and machine tool technology. The theoretical parts of the course are taken in the technical college and the company’s modern training centre.

Some of the secondary course components which are particularly popular with the trainees include the rhetorical and technical aspects of giving presentations, and business English. External modules include CNC technology, electropneumatics and preparation for the fork-lift license. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Saint-Gobain offers jobs in the enterprise to these well-trained young people – order situation permitting.

Part of the reputation of German engineering is based on talented young people who have been through a first-class training scheme. Over the last few years trainees from Saint-Gobain Diamond Tools have achieved marks at the top of their class, well equipping them for jobs within German-speaking Europe and internationally.

People with a sound training as an industrial mechanic, coupled with further education in process technology, engineering or electronics, are in high demand by employers. The wide variety of job opportunities and the commitment of the trainers, master craftsmen and trainees provide a sound basis for first-class career prospects.