”All employees of the organization identify themselves

31 October 2007

with the quality mark WINTER”

Ralf Haibach (41), General Manager Germany, Austria and Switzerland‚ General Manager Industrial Superabrasives Europe

WINTER Diamond- and CBN Tools stand for Innovation, Precision, Capacity and Quality. The world famous label for Superabrasives looks back on a more than 150 year old tradition. Since joining the Saint Gobain group two years ago, I am delighted by the technical imagination, the creativity and the competence of the whole team.

This high claim for success can only be met by a superior engagement of all employees. The label WINTER is the quality mark, which all employees identify them selves with.

I appreciate and promote the consequent concentration on customers’ needs.

28 innovations during the last two years show the extraordinary, close to market ability to compete. They form the base to expand our leading position in the automobile-, tools-, turbine- and aviation industry, as well as flat glass and optical glass, in future.