European Grinding Technology Centre EGTC in Norderstedt –

22 February 2007

Application Oriented Research, Marketability and Customer Focus

The European Grinding Technology Centre (EGTC) investigates processes and applications in Superabrasives and Bonded Abrasives and cooperates closely with the Higgins Grinding Technology Centre in Worcester, USA, and the newly established Grinding Technology Centre in Shanghai, China. Qualified fundamental research and utilization of synergetic effects will furthermore continuously be guaranteed by closely cooperating with universities.

Process Optimization: the catch phrase for the EGTC’s dedicated team of 9 employees, consisting of graduate mechanical engineers and technicians, who made it their task, and goal, to simulate and optimize customer production processes. Especially in Superabrasives Industrial and in Bonded Abrasives, all relevant parameters are considered.

The European Grinding Technology Centre is essential for the enterprise’s market and customer focus, epecially in the industrial markets of automotive, turbines and aerospace, electronics and tools as well as grinding of optical glass.

The comprehensive machinery, consisting of, amongst others

  • For Tool grinding
    • Walter Helitronic Power
    • Vollmer CS100
    • EWAG Easygrind
  • For Face grinding 
    • Blohm MT Profimat 408
  • For OD grinding
    • Studer S32 CNC
  • For Optical-glass grinding
    • Essilor Kappa
    • Essilor Gamma

allows the simulation of everyday-live like production settings. Machines for customer-related projects are used as well.