Stationary Dressers

...Diamond Needles

When high level profiling of grinding wheels is required, stationary dressers „Winter-Fliese“ meet the expectations best. They consist of diamond grit, mixed with metal powder and sintered to a flat tile.

The diameter of the grinding wheel to be dressed, the abrasive type and size as well as the static wheel hardness determines

  • Grit size
  • the type of grit in the metal matrix
  • the tile size of the stationary dresser.

Winter Fliese tools feature constant operating behaviour throughout their service life. They may be used in place of single-point dressers of profile diamonds.

Highly productive tiles with a considerably higher lifetime have been developed. In particular, they meet the requirements of the new generation of special corundum grinding wheels (SG, TG, TGX etc. e.g. by Norton).

For ambitious demands on profiling as well as on straight dressing on periphery, Winter SN-Tiles, populated with synthetic diamond needles, meet your expectations. Aligned in a specified pattern, their abrasion makes use of the entire area set with diamonds. Therefore, very constant dressing results and highest reproducibility are achieved.