Profile Roller Dresser

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Dressing of conventional and vitrified bonded diamond and CBN grinding wheels with highest reproducable manufacturing accuracy

  • Positive and reverse plated bonds, sintered bonds and electroplated positive and reverse plated bonds, sinter and infiltrated bonds
    • Positive electroplated tools are recommended for small production quantities
    • Reverse electroplated tools are used for high precision profiles where a long lifetime of the dresser is required.
    • Sintered and infiltrated bonds feature long life time and can be re-layered
  • To further improve durability, we recommend corner reinforcements e.g. PCD, MCD and CVD
ManufacturingReverse ProcessPositive Process
Grit Distributionrandomhand sethand setrandomrandom
Grit Concentrationhighestcontrolledcontrolledcontrolledhighest