Cut-off wheels

Hard, short chipping materials are cut with diamond or cBN cut-off wheels.

Diamond cut-off wheels are - amongst others - used for glass, ceramics and tungsten carbide, cBN cut-off wheels are used for hard materials with a high affinity to carbon like steel or certain magnetic materials. Diamond cutting wheels are also used in food and medical industry, as they are working almost residue-free. A variety of bonds was developed in order to cover all fields of application. The cutting rim is made out of sintered metal, resin or out of an electroplated bond, interspersed with diamond or cBN grit. Each combination of abrasive material, grit size, bond and concentration results in specific tool features and can easily be adapted to your individual requirement.

The following table shows a variety of materials and the corresponding specifications.


Achat           BZ D151-D213 BZ457 C23-C45 
Acryl - Glass  S D181-D301      
Aramit-Fiber-Resin BZ D151 BZ457 C135  
Al-Ni-CoKSS B151 KSSRY V240    
Annasicon -Stick  ceramic bond     BZ D126 BZ309 C45    
Bariumtitanat       K+ D64-D91 K+960 C50    
Borcarbide       BZ D151 BZ488 C75    
Bracket material       S D427      
Chromium Nickel  10%Cr, 90%Ni      KSS B151 KSSRY V180    
CRP       BZ D126 BZ308 C45    
Ceramic (Oxid ceramic sintered)  Al2O3  laboratory pan BZ D126-D151 / BZ335 C23-C45   
Ceramic (Oxid ceramic sintered)  Al2O3 pipe     K+ D91-D126 K+8821(888RY) C50  
Ceramic (Oxid ceramic sintered)  Al2O3  Electronic resistor NK max  
Ceramic (Oxid ceramic sintered)  Al2O3  sealings     BZ D46-D91 BZ335 C45 
Ceramic (Oxid ceramic sintered)  Al2O3  Carbide ceramic / ElectronicsK+ D126 K+888RY C50
Ceramic (Oxid ceramic sintered)  Al2O3  Titankarbide / ElectronicsBZ D46 BZ308 C23    
Ceramic (turning tools Si3N4)  Siliconnitride K+ D151 K+888RY C38
Ceramic metal laered       NK D64   
Ceramik-Tiles  wall, floor   BZ D91-D181 BZ335 C16-C45  
Ceramic unfired  raw materialsS D181-D213
Circuit boards     S D181-D213 / NK max 
special fused alumina       BZ D181-D301 BZ359(457) C45-C135 
K+ D181 K+8821JY C50
Eternite  asbestos-freeS D301    / BZ D301 BZ308 C23
Epoxydresin sheet       S D181-D301    / NK max 
Germanium  Semiconductor material     BZ D46 BZ335 C23
Glass - Ceramic       BZ D107-D126 BZ309(335) C16-C19  
K+ D126 K+8821 C50
Glass (Flat)BZ D107-D151 BZ335 C16-C19    
Glass (optical)BZ D64-D126 BZ309(335) C23-C45    
Glass (hollow./technical)  Lamps     BZ D107-D126 BZ335 C19    
Glass (Quartz-glass pipes)  HalogenlampsK+ D76-D126 K+957(888RY) C50
Glassfiber stick       S D427
Glasswool  wide mesh     S D301      
Glass reinforced laminate  with epoxy resin     K+ D91 K+888RY C38    
Glass-fiber  optical fiber     NK D15B    / K+ D46 K+888RY C50
GRP  window profiles     S D213-D501      
Glass reinforced laminate  with polyester 10 mm BZ D151-D301 BZ457 C45    
GGG   Semiconductor material     K+ D91 K+888RY C50    
Granite       BZ D301 BZ488 C45    
Graphite       S D181-D301      
GRP - pipe       BZ D181-D301 BZ457 C19    
GRP - pipe   with thermoplast ring inside          S D427      
Hämatite       BZ D91 BZ457 C16    
Helopal - sheet materail  Resin     S D501      
HSS - Stamp       KSS B126 KSSRY V180    
HSS (hardened) KSS B126 KSSRY V240    
Insulators, special ceramic     BZ D181 BZ335 C23-C45    
Lapislazuli       BZ D151-D213 BZ457 C23-C45    
Magnet materials  ferrite sintered     K+ D91-D151/ K+960(975) C50 
BZ D91-D151 BZ309 C45
Magnet materials  ferrite casted     MSS B76 MSS363 V180  
Magnet materials  SE-Magnets     K+ D126 K+960(975) C50    
Magnet materials  Samarium CobaltMSS B76 MSS363 V180
K+ D126  / K+960(975) C50-C100
Magnet materials  Sendust     NK D46 
Malachite  BZ D151-D213 BZ457 C23-C45     
Marble  BZ D301 BZ335 C23  / S D301  
Melamin-Resin S D301       
Molybdenum KSS B151 KSSRY V240     
Mycalex  artifical stone materialBZ D126
BZ309 C45  / S D301
Ni-hard-rail       KSS B151 KSSRY V180 
Piezo-Ceramic    NK D64    
Polyester-sheets  both side paper-layered S D181-D301 
Polycarbonate (glass-reinforced)  NK D64       
Polystyrole  S D301      
PVC hard       S D427 / NK max
Quartz (cast-) BZ D91-D181/ BZ308 C23-C45 
K+ D91-D151  / K+888RY C50
Quartz (synthetical)       BZ D181 BZ308 C23    
Resopal  Boards     S D181
Rhodochrosite       BZ D151-D213 / BZ457 C23-C45
Rose-quartz       BZ D151-D213 / BZ457 C23-C45
Saphire BZ D126 BZ309 C90 
Silicon  Semiconductor material     BZ D46 BZ308 C23
Silicon  Semiconductor (Profile-cutting)     BZ D20B BZ387 C100
Silicon  monocristalline     BZ D64 BZ308 C40
Silicon  polykristalline     BZ D91-D107 / BZ457 C23-C45 
Silicon-carbide       BZ D213 BZ457 C75  
Silicon-carbide  recrystalizised     K+ D151 K+4821 C75  
Siliziumnitrid  ceramic-cutting material     K+ D151 K+888RY C38
Steatite       K+ D151 K+960 C50
Stellite       K+ D126 KSSRY V180
Tiger's eye  semi-precious stone     BZ D151-D213
BZ457 C23-C45
Titanium-Cirkonate       BZ D91 BZ335 C16 
Titanium         K+ D427 K+888RY C38 
Titanium-Carbide  Electronical element     

NK D46 / BZ D46 BZ308 C23

Topas         BZ D151 BZ457 C23-C45
Tungsten carbide unfired S D91-D213   
Tungsten carbide  K+ D151 K+4821 C75-C100
BZ D151 BZ457(308) C45-C135
Tungsten-wireBZ D126 BZ309 C45 
Uranium-dioxide BZ D181 BZ457 C45
UraniumBZ D301 BZ457 C45 
Zirkonium oxid     BZ D126 BZ387 (335) C75-C100

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