Crushable Grinding Wheels

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The grinding of difficult to machine materials causes considerable preoblems particularly when profile grinding. The development of grinding wheels using diamond or cubic boron nitride, which can be profiled by crushing. The excellent characteristics of these tools can be used for profiling and creep feed grinding of tungsten carbide, HSS, high temperature alloys, spray alloys and special ceramics etc.

For the processing of such materials diamond (DMC) or CBN (BMC) grinding wheels have advantages compared to working with conventional grinding wheels.

  1. Complete profiles can be ground in one operation, because DMC and BMC wheels are suitable especially for creep feed grinding.
  2. Higher material removal rates and better tool life.
  3. Considerably reduced subsurface damage, due to cooler grinding.
  4. Less re-profiling due to substantial longer profile life.
  5. Lower ancillary time due to the application of creep feed grinding

In total: Cost saving profile grinding, or creep feed grinding of difficult to cut materials.





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