CNC Dressers

Reversed Plated Dressers (UZ)

Usage: Dressing of conventional grinding wheels

CNC Dressers are produced using a reverse plating method and a single diamond layer which gives good wear resistance.

It is possible to improve the wear resistance of vunerable areas by using corner reinforcements.



Infiltrated Dressers (TS)

Usage: Dressing of conventional grinding wheels

Infiltrated dressers have high wear resistance and are made with a single diamond layer.

Improved wear resistance is possible with CVD, PCD or synthetic diamond corner reinforcement.


Infiltrated Dressers with PCD/CVC/MCD Diamond (TS)


  • PCD for dressing of Al203 wheels
  • CVD or MCD for dressing of microcrystalline AL2O3 wheels (TG/SG/XG etc.)

Infiltrated CNC roller dressers with PCD/CVD or MCD needles are capable of holding small radii.

Depending on the wear condition of the layer, these dressers are relappable.


Infiltrated Dresser (DDS)

Usage: In process dressing of vitrified bonded diamond-CBN wheels

The Winter DDS dresser enables the high precision CNC dressing of vitrified bonded diamond and cBN grinding wheels.

The DDS dresser uses a constant ratio of contact area to total area, depending on a patented diamond distribution and concentration.


Sintered Dresser (SD)


  • Dressing of vitrified bonded cBN wheels
  • Dressing of vitrified and conventional grinding wheels

The metal bonded SD roller dresser is composed of a volume layer which can be resharpened several times.

These CNC dressers are highly capable in cylindrical, certerless and through feed applications where high surface roughness requirements are needed.


Direct Plated Dresser (SG)


  • Dressing of vitrified bonded cBN grinding wheels
  • Dressing of conventional grinding wheels

Direct plated CNC dressers of this type have a well established pedigree. They are made using a single diamond layer giving a constant grinding width.

Core material is either steel or bronze.