WINTER-Tools in Optical Industry

a worldwide name standing for high quality and long lifetime.

The use of diamond tools was decisive for the improvement of productivity and quality of glass processing in the optical industry.

Their unique properties like

  • Grinding performance
  • Lifetime
  • Profile accuracy

grant reproducible and highest accurate dimension tolerances in each specific work step.

The experience from decades-long close cooperation with industry and universities ensures ongoing optimization and continuous enlargement of the product range.

To improve grinding results and to reduce cost, a well-balanced combination of know-how and extraordinary diligance is essential. Our dedicated sales engineers will gladly support you finding the best solutin for your specific application - no matter whether edging or surfacing lenses or any other production step involving material cutting in the optical industry.

Nearly all well-known lens manufacturers use WINTER diamond tools for

  • Peripheral grinding wheels with and without profile
  • Milling Tools
  • Pads
  • PCDs

Over the last years, the organic materials' market share increased considerable. Here, we supply psecifically developed diamond wheels for rough grinding as well as special diamond polishing wheels for organic lenses for all relevant machine types for lens edging.

For the surfacing of organic lenses PCD products gain more and more importance. Here too, we develop suitable tools.

In precision optics, following production techniques are used for the machining of optical glass with diamond tools.

  • Sawing
  • Drilling
  • Face milling