Plunge grinding of journals


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When in use camshafts are subjected to up to 109 of torque and therefore have to be extremely strong and resistant to fatigue.

In order to be effective, camshafts must comply to certain quality requirements, including surface finish, cylindricity, straightness and concentricity.

This is only achieved by grinding with vitrified cBN wheels.

Objective Produce an increase in the number of ground journals per dress with a surface roughness of  ≤ 1,0 µm
Machine Schaudt
Component 4-cylinder camshaft
steel, hardened,  Æ 28 mm
Coolant Oil
Result Increase in numbers of ground journals per dress from  400 up to 750 with a surface roughness of  ≤ 1,0 µm
Grinding wheel cBN vitrified bonded grinding wheel with bond type N7
Dressing Tool Double sided electroplated CNC diamond dresser

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