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20 October 2006
Complete system for wafer production
Diamond wire with attached grain, separating technology FAST, innovative cutting wheels for edge rounding as well as cutting wheels with FAVS™ technology: With the new
20 October 2006
Tiger II:
Winter optimises tooth-face grinding of circular saw bladesWith around a 200% extension of the operating life, Winter's "Tiger" diamond grinding wheel has already revolutionised the
20 October 2006
Ceramic bonded WINTER-CBN abrasive discs:
Quantum leaps with big machining quantitiesCeramic bonded CBN abrasive discs are conquering new areas of application. In combination with engineering geared to application, innovative machine
20 October 2006
Cost effective silicone block cutting
Saint-Gobain Diamantwerkzeuge works closely with the solar and silicone chip industries. The tools used here must be exactly right for the application. This includes the