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A tradition of innovation
The success of our quality products in the world market is based on intensive research and development. Our goal is to increase the depth of our know-how in manufacture of diamond and CBN tools, to develop new bonds for the different applications, and to create the foundation for high-performance tools and new application solutions.

Saint-Gobain Diamantwerkzeuge GmbH & Co KG, Norderstedt

More rational machining processes and the introduction of new materials require innovative products, which are developed in close collaboration with universities, technical colleges, and with users. The tools are then tested under realistic practical conditions by our application engineering specialists before they are released for production.


Since 1972 we have followed a policy of implementing environmental principles in new development and further development. The success of that policy is demonstrated by numerous examples of more environmentally acceptable production methods and materials, and also in the construction of the first industrial building that systematically applied the principles of environmentally sound architecture.
Certified according to DIN EN ISO 14001 since 12-27-2000.

Your satisfaction is our standard
Quality is the prime consideration in the WINTER corporate philosophy – the quality of high-value products with outstanding value for money, and expert consulting thanks to international and specialist experience. Our aim is to find the optimum solution to production problems, both in technical and commercial terms. Customer satisfaction is our standard.


DIN EN ISO 14001


Quality in consulting, and quality in products - with outstanding price-to-performance ratio and expert consulting services thanks to our international experience and know-how in specific sectors of industry. Our goal is to provide the technically and economically optimal solutions for your manufacturing problems. Customer satisfaction is the standard by which we judge our activities. Our quality system is certified to the international standard DIN EN ISO 9001 . It is applicable to all SAINT-GOBAIN Winter diamond and CBN tools (own production and outsourced tools, plus trade merchandise). Thus it covers all areas of production and distribution.
We are a member of the organization for security of grinding tools (oSa).

A work and health protection management system was introduced in the meantime, too Saint-Gobain Diamantwerkzeuge fulfills the demands of the standard of OHSAS 18001.

The transparency of our work processes is ensured, and can be checked at any time by means of audits.
Our quality assurance starts as soon as we receive the specifications from our customers. We then set about working out solutions, by means of intensive analysis and consultation.
Depending on the specific requirements, we can then adapt standard tools or develop new products.

We conduct extensive measurements and test runs to ensure the necessary reliability, and to demonstrate the high quality of our solutions. We can also provide in-plant production monitoring and constant exchange of information to complete the quality assurance loop.

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