Winter History

WINTER was established in 1847 by Ernst Winter as a family-owned company. We still adhere to the original goal of developing ultra-hard crystal tools of the highest quality. Our claim is to be the best. In numerous fields of application for diamond and cBN grinding tools we have been pioneers, and today we still follow this way as trend-setters and the technology leader.

Experience since 1847



Foundation of WINTER by Ernst Winter for the production of lithographic diamonds.




Production of diamonds for turning of hardened steel rolls.
Production of diamonds for engraving and glass cutting.




Production of diamond micro grit by sedimentation.




Production of metal and resin bonded diamond grinding wheels.




Production of diamond dressing tools (Igel) as well as bronze and steel sintered diamond tools.




Introduction of deep grinding chip breaking flutes.




First producer of synthetic diamonds, development of a special resin bond (K-plus).




Production of diamond tiles (Fliese Tool) for profiling.




Production of electroplated diamond roller dressers.




Production of pellets for fine grinding of optical glass.




First producer of resin bonded CBN grinding wheels (KSS bond).




Production of diamond grinding wheels with a new resin bond, based on a polyimide resulting from research of space technology (GRESSO-Bond)




Introduction of polycrystalline diamond tools.




Production of crushable metal bond (B-MC and D-MC) grinding wheels.




Development of special bond VF/VFF for regrinding of polycrystalline materials.




Production of micro dies for the Electronics industry.




Production of CBN grinding wheel KSS 007.




Production of electroplated precision grinding wheels.
Development of cBN grinding wheels for 120 m/s working speed.




Development of TDC dressing method.




Production of 34" diameter annular saw blades.
Dressing of vitrified cBN wheels with diamond rolls.




Production of special diamond grinding wheels for edges of spectacle lenses; CNC-dressing of vitrified cBN grinding wheels.




Camshaft grinding with VSS.




Production of high porosity vitrified CBN tools.
Certification acc. to DIN EN ISO 2001 (Dec. 1996).




Crankshaft grinding with VSS.
Finishing of gear forming tools.




Certification acc. to DIN EN ISO 14001 (Dec. 2000).




Development and production of new K-plus wheels (Tiger) for grinding of cutting faces of saws (very narrow chip space).




Development and production of diamond grinding wheels (Q-Flute) for fast flute grinding.




CNC-dressing of vitrified diamond wheels (DDS).




Diamond wire for hard and brittle materials.




Product launch for high performance insert grinding tools (INSERT+/Quantum/Level+)
Double disk grinding wheels for the electronics industry




New generation vitrified bond technology and products
High performance polishing wheels for the optical industry


 2007 Reinforced dressing tools for the gear industry




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