Unique Brand Value

Tailor-made products

Optimised grinding solutions for your specific application provide the greatest benefit: In the end, you generate cost savings through more productivity, less down time, and  better quality.
Each one of your technological challenges is an incentive for our product managers and our application engineers to achieve the best grinding results. Please contact us.
Besides the high percentage of custom-made solutions, WINTER offers a comprehensive range of stock products - and can supply these short term straight to your production line.

To this day, the WINTER philosophy is closely connected to innovation and technical progress. We thank our customers for over 160 years of momentum, challenges
and confidence. And in the future our next generation of innovations will ensure your success .

The WINTER performance package contains top quality precision grinding tools, comprehensive service and individual customer care - which ranges from best grinding tool
selection through to process optimisation. Benefit from our full service, and make use of our leading technical expertise to increase your profitability .

From ACCURACY to Z-AXIS - the WINTER precision alphabet spells the suitable solution for your needs. Profile accuracies below 1 μm and a surface finish in the nanometer
range are achieved regularly. You can trust WINTER.

Since the foundation of the company, WINTER has stood for quality at the highest level. It begins with the first customer contact, and covers the identification of appropriate tool specifications, manufacturing, customer support and the final optimisation of your production process.
WINTER quality: Satisfaction guaranteed!


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